How Neuroarchitecture is Influencing the Built Environment

What is neuroarchitecture and how is it influencing the built environment? In this article, we [...]

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What Interior Designers can Learn from Nerds

Silicon Valley startups have revolutionized how the world thinks about business and entrepreneurship. Learning some of their geeky secrets can mean more business, better clients, and a thriving firm.


The Modern World of Wall Panels

Until recent years, my memory of wall panels was reserved for the wood walls in my grandparent’s house, which I now realize were not real wood, but plastic panels with a wood image applied to the [...]


Acoustic Wall Paneling For Modern Interiors

Most of us are not experts in acoustical engineering, so though we are able to recognize when spaces need additional scrutiny, it's our collaboration with acoustical consultants that refines the [...]


Underrated Looks from Mad Men

Mad Men was unquestionably one of the most breathtaking examples of set design in the modern television era. We take a peek at some of it's visual styles that deserve another look.


Local in Seattle

In our EXPLORE series, we venture into the local manufacturing scene in cities around the world. For our first exploration, we visit the city I call home.


Summertime Furniture

What's better than spending time outdoors on a warm, sunny summer day? Take a look at some inspired outdoor furniture that you might want to consider specifying for your next project.


Sparking Joy In Design

Do the items in your home spark joy in your heart? Do they add to the richness of your life? If not, maybe it's time to take a hard look at the relationship you have with the things all around you.


IDS West 2015 Review

A few weeks ago I found myself just a few hours north of Seattle for a day trip to the annual IDS West Trade Day in Vancouver, CA - a benefit of living so close to a major international city with [...]