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The Next Big Step for Gather

Today, we are happy and proud to announce that Gather has been accepted into the exclusive [...]

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Local in Seattle

In our EXPLORE series, we venture into the local manufacturing scene in cities around the world. For our first exploration, we visit the city I call home.


Summertime Furniture

What's better than spending time outdoors on a warm, sunny summer day? Take a look at some inspired outdoor furniture that you might want to consider specifying for your next project.


Sparking Joy In Design

Do the items in your home spark joy in your heart? Do they add to the richness of your life? If not, maybe it's time to take a hard look at the relationship you have with the things all around you.


IDS West 2015 Review

A few weeks ago I found myself just a few hours north of Seattle for a day trip to the annual IDS West Trade Day in Vancouver, CA - a benefit of living so close to a major international city with [...]