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How to Better Monetize Your Interior Design Business

In this multi-part blog series, we’re taking an inside look at some super cool online courses created specifically for designers – to help you grow your business, become more profitable, and market yourself better. The first course we’ll cover is Interior Design Launchpad from Mackenzie Fox. 

Interior designers are struggling with low earnings everywhere. The public perception of the value for interior design services has steadily declined as DIY and companies like Home Depot and Lowe’s offer consumers an option for bypassing design services (and fees).

The culture of “peer critique” also has created a lack of confidence among designers who are constantly questioning whether their work is the “best possible solution.” Fear of criticism from colleagues and the industry discourages many designers from putting themselves and their work out into public forums, which limits their reach and business growth.

Mackenzie Fox began her career as an interior designer and knows first-hand that academic interior design programs are lacking in business and marketing curriculum. Designers simply aren’t trained to become entrepreneurs. And yet many of them start their own businesses and quickly find that they need more than amazing design skills to become successful.

Over the last six years, Mackenzie has dedicated herself to learning how to position and market premium personal businesses. The former interior designer has become an online entrepreneur and digital marketer and created her online course Interior Design Launchpad to help interior design business owners become more successful and more profitable.

How to be a Confident Business Marketer

Working for yourself – whether you’re an interior designer or something different – requires you to consistently look at your marketing to see what’s working and what’s not, and to pivot when necessary.

“Marketing is never a “set it and forget it” thing, and – especially for business owners just starting out – it’s the thing that will take up most of their time.”

But how can designers pour themselves into learning marketing and business skills when they have design work and projects to manage? Mackenzie decided to take time to develop her own marketing skills by participating in mastermind groups, finding accountability partners, working with business coaches, taking courses, and watching webinars (“eleventy-billion,” she says).

With all of that experience and education, she realized that she could help the many designers that waste precious time creating content that doesn’t connect with their ideal client (“Blog posts about backsplashes and paint colors are a dime a dozen.”), and talking to other designers on facebook instead of nurturing and building an audience of their ideal clients. Over a period of six weeks, Interior Design Launchpad helps designers become a more confident, effective business marketer.

Lifestyle Leaders Can Command a Premium Rate and Ideal Clients

When interior design business owners lack confidence, they often default to presenting themselves as technical tradespeople and create uncertainty and indecision among their clients.  

“I want designers to reclaim their status as lifestyle leaders. I want to see them showing more of their tastes in everything, as well as their personal journeys.”

Learning to think like an entrepreneur can build confidence, empower designers to attract ideal clients (those who can afford your services and will value your work), establish routines for greater productivity, and place greater focus on profitability.

About the Course

Over a six-week period, Interior Design Launchpad teaches participants a five-step system for getting more clients, greater peace of mind, and growing highly profitable. The course materials make it easy for participants to work at their own pace and includes:

  • Weekly group calls for added support and accountability
  • Worksheets
  • Checklists and swipe files
  • Downloadable lessons

With one module scheduled each week, the course content covers:

  • Module Zero: Lay the Foundation for Your Success with an Entrepreneur MINDSET
  • Module One: Finding People Who Will Actually Buy From YOU
  • Module Two: Quickly Build a Money-Making Email List
  • Module Three: Quickly Build a Money-Making Facebook Group
  • Module Four: Easy Attraction Marketing
  • Module Five: Generate Income Now

Mackenzie will also be adding new content this spring that shows participants how to create, sell, and deliver passive income products.

In addition to Interior Design Launchpad, Mackenzie Fox also offers:

Learn more about Interior Design Launchpad [Registration for the next session will open Monday, May 14th; cost starts at $497] Follow Mackenzie Fox and Nest & Prosper on Facebook.

Gather for Interior Designers

Gather helps streamline your business and create growth opportunities. Use its elegant and easy-to-use interface to organize your design projects and collect, manage, and track product specifications.