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New Features Galore (and a hint of what’s to come)!

We’ve been busy here at Gather lately. 😉

In our quest to roll out more useful features to our customers, we’re proud to announce some pretty cool new capabilities within Gather that make it even more powerful and flexible than ever.

Vision Boards

You can now create vision boards within Gather to help you express ideas to your team and clients. Create as many as you like and comment back and forth on images to find the right visual direction for your project.

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Custom Specification Fields

In addition to the common default fields that Gather let’s you track per item, you can now add your own custom fields. Even better, you can add custom fields for specific Types in Gather. For instance, say you want to track the ‘Drop Height’ of a Chandelier you’re specifying. Simply add the custom fields to the ‘Chandelier’ Type and then anytime you tag an item as ‘Chandelier’, you can enter in the Drop Height information!

Zapier Integration

For those who don’t know, Zapier is an AMAZING app that allows you to connect different tools and apps together in useful and interesting ways.

Gather proudly now integrates with Zapier and allows our users a powerful set of functions that you can use to connect your tools.

For instance:

  • Every time someone adds a Pin to a Pinterest Board, automatically add it to a Gather project (and vice-versa from Gather to Pinterest)
  • Every time you add a new Item to Gather, create a new Trello card to help you track it through a process.
  • Every time you add an item to Gather, automatically save the image to Dropbox (and thus, download to your computer)

There are thousands of apps available to connect to on Zapier (Google Drive, Asana, Gmail, etc.). The possibilities are endless!


Now, whenever a client or team member comments in Gather, you’ll see an instant notification. Same is true for important dates (such as ‘Estimated Ship Date’, or ‘Estimated Arrival Date’)

We keep all of these notifications in an easily accessible ’tray’ that you can access from anywhere in Gather.

It’s part of our commitment to create the hands-down, best specification collaboration platform available to the Interior Design industry.

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There is even more coming (much more)!

We’re not stopping there. Over the course of the next several months, you’ll be seeing other great features and improvements to Gather.

Some features that you can expect to see rolling out soon are:

  • Spreadsheet View (aka ‘Power Mode’)
  • Allowances for Areas
  • Custom Notification Settings
  • Date & Task Management

…and more.

As always, please reach out and let us know what features you would like us to consider putting on the Road Map!

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