All of Your Team's Contacts Accessible from Anywhere

Keep detailed vendor, client, stakeholder, and contractor contact information neatly organized and accessible to your whole team.

Contact Management for Interior Design Teams (all of your important contacts, in one place)

Does everyone on your team have access to important business contacts they need to do their job?

Maintaining a common database of contact information for all of your team’s important relationships is necessary to ensure everyone has accurate information and can share and update data when necessary.

Need to find the email address of a vendor’s regional sales rep? Easy.

Need to check on the address of a client’s headquarters? Done.

What was the contact information for that receiving warehouse? Tucked neatly away in Gather and accessible in less than 2 minutes.

  • Save and retrieve vendor & sales rep information.
  • Assign the job site address to a project.
  • Manage supplier discounts and markups.
  • Add multiple employees to a company record.
  • Manage and find company and people contact information.
  • Enter data once and your whole team can access it.
  • Stop “misplacing” important contact information.
  • Stop asking other team members for a contact’s email or phone number.

Search Vendor Contacts

Find any contact, lightning-fast.

Share files using Gather's Interior Design Project Management Platform

Store Important Information

Addresses, people, phone numbers, emails, and more.

Budgeting in Gather's Interior Design Project Management Platform

Save Supplier Discount & Markup Info

Set a discount at the vendor-level and calculate costs automatically.

Assign Site Addresses to Projects

Choose an address from your Contact Book to associate with your project's site location.

Access from Anywhere

Cloud-based access means a common database for your whole team, wherever they may be.

Interior Design Proposal Document Icon

Include Contact Data on Exports

Add supplier & manufacturer details on your reports and presentations.

Resource Library

Search your product & material library by supplier

Once you’ve added some products to your Gather Resource Library, simply search by the supplier or manufacturer name and have instant access to trusted products by that vendor.

Interior Design Purchase Order


Deeply integrated into your specification or purchasing processes

Add products and materials to your product board and you’ll never again lose track of information again. Track items through their purchasing or selection process.

Gather's Clipper Tool


Vendor records created when you clip

When you source products using the Gather Clipper Tool, we’ll save the vendor name and URL to your contacts so you can use it again and again.

What if all of your team's contacts were accessible from anywhere?