Visual Collaboration for Interior Designers.

Gather enables designers to get organized, get creative, and manage projects better.


Finally, get organized.

These days your clients expect you to have more than just an amazing eye for design. They need to know you will manage their project with efficiency, accuracy, and grace.

Let Gather help you juggle all the complexity of a modern Interior Design project. Your clients will thank you with their repeat business.

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Save hours collecting products online using our Chrome plugin.
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Powerful and accurate pricing & budgeting features.
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All of your team's files and resources available from anywhere.
Finally, get organized. Your clients will thank you.

Make smarter design decisions.

Successful projects rely on good judgment, taste and compromise.

Deciding which products to specify based on a thousand different variables feels dauting, we know.

Gather takes much of that weight off your shoulders with tools that enable you to quickly make intelligent product selection decisions.

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Choose between alternate items visually.
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Tinker with budgets in real-time.
Photo of Susan, Principal Interior Designer at Susan Diana Harris Interior Design.

Gather's simple interface keeps the focus on the design, sparing our clients the details while updating our budget, purchasing and tracking data automatically, so we don't have to! We're grateful for your product. We've waited a long time for something like this.

Thank you for bringing interior design to 2016.

Susan Diana Harris - Principal Interior Designer @ Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

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Bring everyone together.

One little oversight could mean you lose your client’s trust forever. That's why it's vital that everyone involved with your project (team members, clients, etc.) communicate effectively.

Gather ensures that all parties have visibilty into the necessary details of your project and each contributor knows what they need to do to get to the finish line.

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Comment and collaborate with team members and clients.
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All of your projects, accessible to everyone from anywhere.
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Assign tasks and reminders to your team members.
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Build your dream resource library.

As you build projects with Gather, you also grow a valuable asset for your firm: a digital resource library your competition would die for.

Re-use commonly specified items and save yourself the hassle of tracking down all that hard-to-find information again.

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Find anything. Fast.
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Save valuable space on your computer or server.
Image of beautiful design documents.

Present your vision with beautiful clarity.

Forget constantly editing InDesign or Word docs anytime you need to change a detail of your project.

Gather's powerful PDF Engine produces complex, printable project proposals and beautiful, custom spec-sheets instantly.

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Generate and print beautiful Proposals & Spec Sheets.
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Add your firm's logo, for that professional touch.
Photo of Jessica Nicolls, Interior Designer at Bungalow 56.

We have been able to eliminate using 3 systems to keep track of selections, organize concepts and track orders. Having everything in one place at a glance is a lifesaver and time saver (time is money!)

Bungalow 56 HIGHLY recommends Gather to all design firms big or small. It is priceless!

Jessica Nicolls - Interior Designer @ Bungalow 56

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Crafted for visual thinkers like you.

Have you ever had to struggle through confusing and ugly business software? We have too.

That’s why Gather was thoughtfully built from the ground up with visual thinkers like you in mind.

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Fast and responsive interface.
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Drag & drop simplicity.
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Uncluttered, and intuitive navigation.
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Customer service that actually cares.

We're your biggest fan. Stated very simply, our mission is to help you do your job better. Period.

When you come through our doors, you’ll be treated like a member of the family, not as a number in a spreadsheet.

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Fast onboarding.
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Quick response time.
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In-app messaging and assistance.

“Gather is a useful tool that allows us to be more productive and communicate quickly with our clients. We now have an easy to use program that allows us to build a library, keep track of products and generate specifications quickly.”

Photo of Amy Trulson.

Amy Trulson

Senior Project Manager @ Objekts LLC

“Gather keeps us organized and eliminates many of the hassles of our old system. Our clients appreciate the easy to read proposal format, which adds to the overall professionalism of our team.”

Photo of Tamara Romeo.

Tamara Romeo

Principal @ San Diego Office Design

“Gather helps me save product @images, information and ideas from other websites quickly and when the inspiration strikes. It's helping me build a more organized product library, which is really useful.”

Photo of Peggy Dupuis, principal of Dupuis Design.

Peggy Dupuis

Principal @ Dupuis Design