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Gather is a powerful, yet refreshingly easy cloud-platform that helps design teams specify, communicate, and work more effectively together. From anywhere.

Firm-Wide Resource Library

Access your company materials, files, and preferred vendors from the cloud.

Save Time on Data-Entry

Streamline product sourcing and selection. Enter data once and use it again and again.

Detailed Specifications

Export Spec Sheets, Packages, Schedules, Reports, and more in seconds, not hours.

Team-Wide Access to Critical Information

"It’s a huge benefit that Gather offers—being able to have people in multiple offices using the same program and being able to see their projects. So, instead of having to email or call or go to a project manager to find the information, I can access that information when I'm in our Gather account. I can see what furniture other people are pulling for different projects without having to bother them for that information. It’s extremely helpful."

Jacklyn Bacon, Interior Designer, BVH Architecture


Make Less Mistakes with Detailed & Accurate Specifications

Enter data once and in half the time. Categorize. Budget & calculate costs. Track important dates. Find anything blazingly fast, from any web browser.


Export Beautiful Spec Packages, Presentations, & Reports

Export comprehensive, branded, spec sheets, schedules, and packages with the click of a button. Send them to contractors or clients effortlessly.


All Of Your Firm’s Resources, At Everyone’s Fingertips

Furnishings, Fixtures, Materials, and Equipment resources close at hand. Vendor contacts neatly organized. Distribute, share, and reuse.


Interior Design Project Management Software Built for Teams

Designers, Architects, Contactors, Clients. All on the same page. Centralized communication keeps everyone on track.







Improve Office Efficiency

From a design standpoint, Gather makes it easier to collaborate and pull something together in a more efficient way than what we were doing before. By having one system that multiple people can use all at one time has been incredibly helpful.

Amy Chaloupka, Studio Coordinator, Richardson Design

Streamline Administrative Tasks

"Gather is a useful tool that allows us to be more productive, more efficient and communicate quickly with our clients. We now have a functional, easy to use program that allows us to build a library, keep track of products and generate specifications quickly."

Amy Trulson, Project Lead, Objekts

See why Gather is the best Team-Based Interior Design Project Management Software

  • Gather's Product Board is a great place to visualize and organize material, finishes and furniture selections.

  • Quickly search, filter, and export exactly the items and details you need.

  • Easily collect and reference all of the specification details you need.

  • Quickly calculate pricing information to help define budgets and costs.

  • Track and manage important dates and reference numbers, so you don't lose track of items during the purchasing process.

  • Gather automatically records a status record as you move through the process, so you can check back.

  • Easily upload attachments such as images, cut sheets, and other information related to an item.