Build and Organize a Powerful Resource Library in the Cloud

Gather’s Digital Resource Library platform helps busy design teams like yours quickly build and organize a library of materials and furnishings from the cloud.

Interior Design Resource Library Materials, Furnishings, Equipment, Files, Contacts & More...

Is your team saving, sharing, and reusing product information as effectively as possible?

What happens when a designer on your team needs to select a product for a project?

Maybe she’ll search the internet for what she is looking for. Maybe she knows exactly which vendor to use, and will navigate directly to the website.

But when your team saves images and information, where is it stored? On their personal desktop? To a folder on a company server (where it’s nearly impossible to find anything)?

With Gather, every member of your team can save information into a common database. Then, anyone else on the team can access it from any location (remote, home, office...anywhere).

  • Save product images & information from vendor websites directly to your private company-wide database.
  • Search, filter, and find anything in your secure library instantly.
  • Work from a cloud-based shared search engine that’s accessible from any location.
  • Easily respecify items from your library into new projects and eliminate double-entry and data inconsistencies.
  • Stop entering the same data over and over (and over) again.
  • Stop making data-entry mistakes.
  • Quit hoarding resources between team members.

Never lose material, furnishings, or equipment information again.

Screenshot of Gather Resource Library

Clip Items From Web Sites

Easily collect product and material information from any website in seconds.

Access From Any Location

Log in from any computer and have access to your entire product & material library.

Share with Your Entire Team

Everyone on your team has access to a firm-wide private database of materials.

Search & Filter Fast

Finding anything in your cloud resource library is lighting fast and accessible in seconds.

Look Up Product Info

Never lose important details about the products and materials your team collects.

PDF Export

Create Spec Sheets

Create beautiful, consistent, customizable documents like Spec Sheets whenever you need them.

The zero-hassle solution to collecting, managing, and sharing design information as a team.

Gather's Clipper Tool


Save Product Info Directly to Your Library

Clip images and information to your Gather library directly from vendor websites. Source products 4 times faster than saving them manually.

Interior Design Resource Library


Search & Find Everything from Anywhere

Once you save something to Gather, it’s available for everyone on your team to search, filter, and re-specify. From any location on Earth.


Ensure Your Team is Working Together Effectively

With Gather, your whole team can discuss ideas, selections, and keep projects on track. Even collaborating with clients and stakeholders is a breeze.

Build Your Dream Digital Resource Library Today