11 Design Discoveries in San Miguel de Allende

For years, San Miguel de Allende has beckoned the artist, writer, and healer. Today it is more and more of a destination to offer inspiration to the designer. With a facade of Spanish colonial architecture to encapsulate a rich heritage, the town offers surprise after surprise when it comes to interior design.

P.lar Gallery
Aldama 30, Centro


To walk into a space created by painter and curator, Patricia Larsen, is to truly have a zen experience. Her gallery sits on the picturesque street of Aldama in Centro which sets the stage for the artistry found within. Yet, the interior environment transports beyond Mexico to anywhere and everywhere that holds natural beauty in essence.

A multi-leveled home, Patricia’s gallery weaves in textiles, ceramics, art, furniture, and fashion. The neutral tones provide a calming effect and the art of imperfection (wabi sabi) arouses admiration. This is a definite must visit for those craving design inspiration.

DESIGNER HIGHLIGHT: Patricia’s own art on the walls set the scene for the gallery itself.

Pila Seca 3, Centro


It’s all in the name. Mixta is an eclectic, beautiful mix of merchandise spanning from clothing and jewelry to home decor and furniture. Curated expertly by Anna Sinclair, the shop embraces unique pieces local to Mexico and across the world.


For over a decade, Mixta has been a favorite go-to for design lovers and visitors wanting to take something special home. And, for those who crush on colonial architecture, be sure to walk through the historic 1700s home it is housed in, to take in the structural details that line the courtyard, and observe the antique finishes at every turn.


DESIGNER HIGHLIGHT: Admire the stenciled walls that date back to 1920.

Core Home
Pila Seca 8, Centro


Stepping off San Miguel’s cobblestone streets and into the voluminous space of Core is close to a heavenly experience. The architecture itself inspires; a marriage of stone, brick, steel, wood and herringbone tile.

Self defined as Lifestyle Curators, the pieces here are artistic, bold, sophisticated. The multi room space features a kitchen model to showcase finishes and dining accessories. Downstairs, bathroom fixtures and features become inspiring, high quality options.

DESIGNER HIGHLIGHT: It the exhibited contemporary art scattered throughout that most quickly draws you in.

Evoke the Spirit
Hidalgo 19, Centro

Something happens upon entering this house located amid the bustle of San Miguel’s Centro.


Like many of the hidden gems in the town, Evoke the Spirit shares it’s soul once you step inside. The integrity of the brick laden floors, stone fireplaces and stucco walls is mindfully observed by owner, Brittney Borjeson, who leans into minimalism to showcase her collaborated work with indigenous and local artists. Often, you can witness the artists creating in the shop itself.


Here textiles, ceramics, and decorated cow skulls tell stories of their makers and contribute to the naturally appealing aesthetic of the space. Potted plants infuse the design with the outdoors.

Now, Brittney is enhancing the collection with fabrics, furniture, and clothing that either she creates or sources.

DESIGNER HIGHLIGHT: Take time to observe the vibrant mural at the entry of the home.

Aldama 17, Centro


Along one of Centro’s most beautiful streets, Aldama, are interior design gems that speckle it from the Jardin to Parque Juarez. A must see is Wabi, Ted Wolter’s concept house that uses his home furniture, decor, and artistic photography to help visitors experience his pieces in a tangible way.


Starting from the patio entry and into rooms, you can appreciate Wolter’s talent of incorporating modern style into traditional homes. This gallery/showroom exhibits pieces with European flair and fuses the classic with the contemporary easily.

DESIGNER HIGHLIGHT: The neutral tones are taken to a high level of sophistication.

La Finca
Stirling Dickinson 28, San Antonio

San Miguel’s largest consignment shop found in the neighborhood of San Antonio holds an impressive array of vintage and modern pieces alike. The owners use their eye for quality and curating to create an ever changing space that delights home owners and treasure hunters.

This is a definite stop for those who enjoy the thrill of finding unique gently used pieces that compliment the home.


A professional staff is on hand to assist buying, selling, or answering questions. Be sure to ask when their next Estate Sale is for best deals.

DESIGNER HIGHLIGHT: The jewelry case at the register has stunning pieces to view.

Casa No Name
Ignacio Hernandez Macias 52, Centro


Possibly one of the most hauntingly striking spaces to visit is boutique luxury hotel, Casa No Name. It was once the home of renowned artist and photographer, Deborah Turbeville whose legacy and style inspires its current renovated look.


From the preserved Moorish arches to the use of eclectic artistic pieces, the 6 room hotel embraces natural elements and maintains the moody magical appeal of a 300 year old historical home.


Detail and essence were key values held by the restoration team reviewed by INAH (National Institute of Anthropology and History). This is evident walking through a space like Casa No Name that upholds the heart and soul behind wooden doors.

DESIGNER HIGHLIGHT: The Sky Bar rooftop experience; fire pit, pool, sunset drinks…is there anything better?

Fabrica La Aurora
Calzada de la Aurora S/N, Aurora

A once textile factory in 1902, Fabrica La Aurora was renovated and reopened in 1990 to become San Miguel de Allende’s design center. Spend an afternoon strolling in and out of art galleries, studios for artists, interior design shops, antique stores, and exhibition areas.


Halls connect the large space together where every turn presents a new section to discover. With an outdoor cafe and restaurants available, Fabrica La Aurora is a spot to add to the San Miguel itinerary.

DESIGNER HIGHLIGHT: Their monthly Art Walk is a great time for a visit; shops and galleries offer wine and nibbles creating a more festive atmosphere

Codigo Postal Design (concept house)
Canal 16, Centro

If in town long enough, you will notice the design influence of Luis Fabian Flores of Casa Armida throughout San Miguel de Allende. Dramatic and bold, his lighting, decor and furniture have a signature look that reads contemporary and glamorous.


The latest project is a few steps from the cathedral, Codigo Postal Design. This concept house brings together Mexican designed fashion, jewelry, and a stylish brasserie on the second floor, Bovine led by chef Paul Bentley. It wows with boutique sophistication and a propensity to border on shock value through design details like oversized art, mirror reflective walls, and a cheeky neon sign message.


DESIGNER HIGHLIGHT: The blatantly masculine beauty of mixed finishes in Bovine’s interior design is worth a peek.

Road to Alcocer km. 2.2, Allende

Off the beaten path in the outskirts of San Miguel’s Centro is the innovative and ever evolving showroom, Namuh. Over the years, it has been a reference and source for interior designers, architects and lovers of design.


Imported global and locally designed pieces convert the warehouse space into beautifully curated areas. There is a large inventory of furniture, lighting, and decorative items that are perfect for the contemporary home wanting soulful touches.

Namuh’s magic stems from having a style that lives in neutral colors, that embraces a balance of natural finishes like wood and metal while infusing a certain “Mexican exoticism”.

DESIGNER HIGHLIGHT: To get a taste of the Namuh experience, check out their 360 virtual tour!

Blog post collaboration by Christine Martin, founder of The Good Abode. The Good Abode is a full-service interior design company based in San Miguel de Allende that completes on site and online projects locally and globally. Send a message to for showroom/shop hours on Zacateros 21, Centro, San Miguel de Allende.