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12 Best Hybrid Work Solutions Introduced at NeoCon 2022

Office, dining room, or a bit of both — no matter where you work, how can you design a space that actually helps you thrive?

To start, find ways to increase your comfort and workplace wellness.

This past year, NeoCon introduced several hybrid work solutions that focused on workplace wellness.

Ahead, we’ve rounded 12 of their top 2022 collections guaranteed to make your hybrid work life so much easier.

The World’s First Fully-Certified Task Chair

If your neck and back feel strained after sitting at your desk for long hours, poor seat ergonomics may be the culprit. 

To alleviate this, Boss Design, a company known for designing human-centric furniture, introduced the Trinetic as part of their 2022 collection. 

Trinetic is the world’s first fully certified task chair. This seat gives you dynamic support without needing to adjust your settings manually. 

Now, you can get your seat height and back angle just right with Trinetic’s three independent pivot points — making this task chair truly ergonomically sound.

Hybrid work solution

Image from Boss Design

A Wireless Charging Desk Mat

And if office clutter drives you nuts — it’s time to turn in your messy charging cords and cables. 

This is where Aircharge shines. By using their wireless charging desk mat, you no longer need to keep track of multiple cables or cords. 

Plus, this mat incorporates wireless charging without any fixed installations. And it includes a groove to hold your tablet or phone at an ergonomic angle. 

Image from Aircharge

Amazing Magnets 

When it comes to workplace accessories, GlasMag by Amazing Magnets features an innovative line of magnetic essentials to support your daily workflow.

With magnets that hold everything from erasers to files, you can now keep your office essentials in arm’s reach.

These magnets also attach to any magnetic surface without sliding off (including glass boards and whiteboards). 

The best part: your materials won’t slip or fall off your board.

Image from Amazing Magnets

Private Work Pods

Dauphin introduced the Bosselino work pods— compact and acoustically sound spaces to help you focus. 

These sleek pods come in several sizes, from telephone to dialogue and collaboration configurations; all models are powered by a simple plug-in and play system. 

These acoustic pods reduce noise by 37 decibels — a neat, functional addition to any office (big or small).

Image from Dauphin

Glass Writing Surfaces

Arden Studio’s Studio Essentials™ glass writing surfaces offer supreme functionality and clarity — all while seamlessly integrating into your office’s design aesthetic. 

Since you can pick from 150 colors and sizes up to 5’x12’ (with or without magnetism), it’s easy to add this product to any setting, like offices, work-from-home spaces, or classrooms. 

Image from Arden Studio

Comfy Pillows

For times you’d like to work by the pool or host a Zoom meeting outdoors, Elaine Smith’s vast collection of luxurious indoor/outdoor pillows will provide you with long-lasting comfort.

Plop one on your outdoor chair or sofa worry-free, as these chic pillows are sun, stain, and rain-resistant.

Image from Elaine Smith

An Arch Monitor Arm

DYD Furniture Inc.’s mission is to design beautiful and intelligent office furniture that’s accessible to all by setting affordable price points.

Their line of arch monitor arms provides smooth dynamic height adjustment and a 90-degree monitor tilt-flat from a vertical view (best for touch screens).

Overall, these monitor arms boost ergonomics for easy screen viewing. 

You can even install two side by side! This will free up your desk real estate and save you time on side-by-side tasks.

Image from DYD 

Hex Bulletin Boards

Ghent’s Hex whiteboards and bulletin boards offer a beautiful and unique solution to dampen noise, communicate, and post company news. 

Their boards feature reconfigurable and interchangeable orientations, sizes, and colors for a customized look no matter your style. 

These Hex boards also come in glass, powder-coated steel, and acoustic options.

Image from Ghent

Next-Gen Desk Legs

Linak designed the DL PLUS™ High-Speed series of legs. These desk legs add speed, offering users a faster transition from sitting to standing positions (with 60 and 80 mm/s versions). 

Linak’s goal was to create tidy, easy-to-use work surfaces by also offering features like the Desk2Device USB chargers and anti-collision sensors. 

These hefty desks even hold their position at maximum load without sinking.

Image from Linak


Merkt GmbH designed the height-adjustable Lift Desk M900, which can glide to any height you need and be easily stored when not in use

And since their desks come with optional casters, you can move your work in any direction while in the office or at home

Image from Merkt

Furniture Systems

Monarch Ergo introduced their SOLE furniture system, which features an adaptable workplace for a more collaborative configuration than conventional, boxy cubicles. 

The SOLE furniture system comes in a curved and open concept — designed this way to increase workplace efficiency and innovation.

Image from Monarch

Custom Lighting

Wired-Designs aims to produce high-quality lighting options with endless customization. 

They source the finest materials worldwide, and all their designs are handmade in Southern California. 

One of their showstopping pieces in NeoCon was their amber and baby blue Murano glass plates — offering a beautiful alternative to standard office fluorescent lighting.

Image from Wired Custom Lighting

NeoCon Background

The first NeoCon hosted 750 exhibitions and featured more than a hundred speakers and moderators in 1969.

Five decades later,  this hub continues to bring commercial interior designers, manufacturers, architects, and communities together year-round online, socially, and during exhibition time.

With nearly 1 million square feet of exhibition space, NeCon remains to be at the forefront of commercial interior design today. 

Showcasing thousands of innovative services and products ranging from flooring, interior building products, finishes, and technology — you’re bound to find a solution that will enhance your workplace wellness (whether you’re an individual or a corporation).

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