Acoustic Wall Paneling For Modern Interiors

Most of us are not experts in acoustical engineering, so though we are able to recognize when spaces need additional scrutiny, it’s our collaboration with acoustical consultants that refines the sound of a space. Often this means incorporating wall panels designed to absorb or reflect sound – panels that unfortunately sometimes feel tacked on to a design rather than integrated into it.

But it is possible to make last-minute acoustic panels feel as if they were meant to be there all along. Below are options that add elegance, whimsy, and pleasant sound to your space.

Smith and Fong Company

Plyboo Bamboo Wall Panels

Made of 100% FSC-certified bamboo and fabricated in the US, Plyboo wall panels are a sophisticated and responsible alternative to the typical wood acoustical panel.

Images via Smith and Fong


Soundform Panels

While its Soundbasic line is composed of simple linear and grid patterns we’re used to seeing in acoustic panels, Formnation’s Soundform series uses classic patterns as the foundation for artistic and eye-bending compositions.

Images via Formnation


Baux Tiles Series

A collaboration between Form Us With Love and Baux, the original acoustic tile product “Hexagon” appealed to our childlike-love of the playful honeycomb. Its success led to more shapes in the “Baux” series, our favorite being the mosaic-esque compositions afforded by the “Parallelogram” version. By using discarded wood slivers mixed with cement and water, Baux  and Form Us With Love may have garnered a edge over its acoustical tile competitors for its inventive use of a natural by-product.

Image via Inhabitat

Image via Inhabitat

Image via decor8

Image via decor8

Image via Baux

Image via Baux

Stone Designs for BLA Station

“Gingko” Sound-Absorption Felt Panels

Whimsical, flexible, and walking the line between equipment and art, Stone Design’s “Gingko” panels are another variation of the popular felt panels, but in an unexpected organic shape that some have also compared to delicate fish scales.

Images via Bla Station


Soundwave Panels + Soundwave Stand + Soundwave Planter

It comes in a variety of clean and fun patterns, but Offecct’s Soundwave series is notable for its accessories: the Soundwave Stand and Soundwave Planter, both great additional features to an already solid line of acoustical products.

Images via Offecct

Anne Kyyro Quinn

Tulip and Hoop Collections

Fabric-wrapped panels don’t get any lovelier. Using wood felt to sculpt pieces that mimic natural patterns and textures, Anne Kyyro Quinn has created what amounts to acoustical artwork.

Images via archiproducts


New Dekwall Cork Wallcovering

Cork flooring is a staple of sustainable design in this era, but cork wall panels are decidedly less-loved. With a range of colors, including an elegant white version, Muratto’s cork wallcovering adds interesting texture and subtle acoustic value to residential spaces.

Images via Muratto

Have you used any of the above products in your projects? What type of acoustical panel (fabric, wood, composite) have you had the greatest acoustical success with?