3 Commercial Interior Design Trends that Improve Productivity

Productivity at work can be influenced by a lot of aspects, but having a well-designed workspace helps a lot. Planning of the interior design affects how employees interact with each other and how they function together with their tools and equipment within the workspace. An efficient work environment should be inviting or promoting productivity. Challenges that companies face daily should not be burdened by other aspects. The environment in the workspace should help lighten up the load.

Incorporate These Factors to Improve Productivity

1. Floating Ceiling Panels

Floating ceiling panels are also called drop ceiling panels or suspended ceiling panels. A floating ceiling design has been a growing interior design trend for offices because it offers a lot of advantages or benefits to the workspace.

Expect an improvement in a room’s acoustics when floating ceiling panels are installed. Employees working at an office would appreciate a workspace with controlled acoustics. A noisy office won’t promote productivity, thus having acoustic ceiling panels can be highly beneficial.

Aside from acoustics, floating ceiling panels also offer aesthetic appeal as they can mimic the look of wood and even perforated metal. When it comes to design, various designs can be applied by using this design element. Anything that makes an office look nicer or less boring promotes productivity. Having an ordinary ceiling has a plain structural sense to it but having floating ceiling panels alters the whole idea and presents a more beautiful output.

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Image Source: Neuf Architects

Floating ceiling panels are incredibly useful because they can be customized and can serve as a versatile element for different spaces with different needs. They can be utilized to add lighting or enhance the acoustics of a certain space. 

2. Commercial Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Radiant floor heating systems are great for people in the workspace because it offers health benefits and comfort no matter what system construction and energy source. These commercial radiant floor heating systems function without ducts and blowers. This in turn provides a uniform heat distribution throughout the interior space. Heat is radiated from the floor and distributed via natural air convection. Radiant floor heating systems eliminate issues such as uneven heat distribution, draftiness, and noise ducts. 

Another reason why radiant floor heating systems are being considered as an interior design trend that improves productivity is that they can’t distribute allergens or airborne germs. Without forced air circulation, people in the workspace can benefit from indoor air quality. Healthier employees promote productivity. No one would want to see a co-worker constantly sneezing or coughing due to poor air quality. A safe and healthy environment improves and promotes work rate results.

3. Productive New Layouts

Aside from design elements incorporated on the interiors, an important aspect of improved productivity in the workspace is the actual layout. Productive new layouts can dictate the flow and interaction of people. They also offer a new approach against old boring layouts that are ineffective in this day and age.

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Incorporate Interconnected Design

Commercial interior design trends are gearing towards more transparent and interconnected office layout ideas. Some companies even go for open plans to better connect employees instantly and easily. 

Include Lounge Areas in Design

When talking about offices, work rate results matter but it has been discovered that people can be less productive when deprived of some downtime. Due to this reason, more offices are beginning to lean towards adding lounge areas. Having a lounge area allows employees to take breaks, socialize or even re-energize as needed. 

Blend Some Nature

According to several studies, workers tend to improve productivity when exposed to nature. More offices have been incorporating more natural elements or motifs with their interior designs. Natural stone, rustic wood, and other texture variations are being more considered today. In addition to the psychological effect, it also prevents a boring look. Productivity should scream excitement or delight at the workspace to stay focused. 

commercial interior design productivity

Design for Productivity and See the Results

Whether planning on starting a new office or already handling one, productivity should be one of the most important aspects to consider. Incorporating the mentioned design trends above should be able to assist in reaching said productivity goals. If you think that your current interior design is a bit bland or does not show off a positive vibe, don’t waste time and make a change. Transforming your workspace by adding a vertical mailbox or completely overhauling the entire area needs commitment and dedication to improving. If you have the budget and you see a win-win situation by applying these design trends, then go for it.

A new office layout can help improve productivity by offering a better vibe inside the workspace. If boring cubicles and enclosed spaces are not working for you then it’s time to make essential changes. The commercial interior design trends mentioned above are among the top considerations for a lot of options available today.

Sam Willis is a contributor to Innovative Building Materials. He is a blogger and content writer for the real estate industry. Sam is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that increase property value, maximize energy savings, and turn houses into homes.