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Gather provides all the tools your design team needs to avoid costly mistakes, stay in sync, and manage projects effortlessly.

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Gather enables your team to source products faster, keep ideas organized, visualize rooms schemes and track all the nitty-gritty details they’ll need to specify and track selections, mistake-free.


Source Products 4X Faster with the Clipper Tool

Save product data and images from any manufacturer or vendor website easily using our Chrome extension Clipper Tool.


Visual Boards that Keep Your Ideas Organized

Capture ideas as they come to you and share inspiration across your entire team.

Easily shareable with:

💡 Team and Partners

🤝 Clients


Visualize Rooms With The Product Pinboard

Drag-and-drop your way to project perfection. Easily try out different room scheme options to help you and your clients visualize their spaces.


Spreadsheet Views That Show You Everything

When you need visibility into all the nitty-gritty specification details, a familiar spreadsheet view is just a click away.

🗃️ Filter and sort by ANY detail

📑 Select and export in 2 clicks

See How Your Team can Source and Organize Projects and Avoid Embarrassing Mistakes

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Take Gather and Organise your Team

Gather makes your specification process reliable by storing items or material selections with their details and pricing in a shared digital library, so you never have to input them again.


Detail Item Specifications That Ensure You Never Lose Information

Enter all the data you need to manage your furniture, fixtures, and equipment schedules and reuse it again and again without having to retype information.


Make Sure Costs are Accurate with the Price Calculators

Calculate all your product expenses down to the penny and ensure you stay within budget.

Gather will automatically calculate pricing based on:

  • Discounts
  • Mark-Ups
  • Taxes
  • Shipping


All of Your Team’s Materials in one Digital Resource Library

Build a comprehensive product library so your team can share and re-specify in an instant:

✅ Everyone on your team has access

♻️ Reuse common items quickly

Watch How Detailed and Precise Specifications are in Gather


Discuss item details and align with your team and clients in a single location using Gather.
Thanks to in-app and email notifications, you'll never miss important messages or updates.


Discussions are Transparent With The Product Chat

Leave comments on specific item selections, or Vision Board images, so you can discuss the details without the email back-and-forth.

No more 📧 threads


Project Chat Ensures Your Team Stays in Sync

Discuss project progress and details with your team using Gather’s real-time chat.


Nothing Goes Unchecked with The Multi-Channel Notifications

Gather will ensure you receive all notifications:

  • In-app notifications
  • Comments sent directly to email
  • Daily digest of all communications

So nothing ever goes unchecked or unnoticed.


Client Portal That Shows Only What You Want Them To See

Reveal only what you want clients to see:

✅ Allow clients to mark items as “liked”, “disliked”, or “approved” (faster approvals)

💬 Communicate with them directly within Gather

🛡️ See a log of exactly when your client approved a selection

Watch How the Best Interior Design Teams in the World Communicate

This is the same system used by some of the most efficient teams, such as StudioMcGee, Richardson Interiors, and many more.


Gather makes sure your design teams never misses important deadlines, making it simple to track objects through the approval, procurement and installation process.


Move Selections From Idea to Installation with The Status Tracker

Every selection in your project can be tagged with a status so you can make sure you know exactly where it is in the process of approval and procurement.


Get Reminders for All Important Dates

Ensure your team stays on top of important dates such as when an item is expected to ship, or when it is scheduled to arrive at the warehouse for installation.

✅ Gather will remind your team in real-time within the platform, and in email


Status History to Track Your Team’s Progress Over Time

✅ See who and when changed status

✅ See the specific status category

With the status history your team will also increase precision and take responsibility for any mistakes.

Watch How Your Team Can Stay On Top Of Deadlines and Never Lose Track of Items Again

Even with the most complex projects with hundreds of items.


Over a dozen export templates and integrations can be published in seconds. Save up to 10 hours per week, per team member designing and editing tedious reports.


Beautiful Product Spec Sheets in just seconds

Publish consistent, detailed spec sheets with the push of a button. Select only the details you want to include.


Multi-Purpose Product Lists For Clients and Contractors

Export flexible line-item PDFs that can be used for proposals, schedules, installation docs, and more.


Comprehensive Spec Packages with every detail imaginable

Generate full, accurate spec packages and binders with cover sheets, table of contents, and detailed product information in just seconds. Include manufacturer cut sheets and instructions easily.


FF&E Reports that help your team break down information easily

Need specific ff&e reports for quantities and costs? Export data into clean reports in just a few clicks.

Over a dozen document templates and reports that your team can generate quickly.

Gather exports and so flexible you can produce just about whatever your team needs at a moments notice.

Watch How Fast Document Generation is With Gather (hint: really fast)

Save countless hours creating and preparing documents & reports.

1000s are already using Gather to ensure their firm stays organized, reduces errors, and can take on more projects.

Gather is a good balance of user-friendly, but also very functional. It feels like everything you want, but nothing that you don't.

Renee Bush, Director of Operations, Studio McG
icon city

When we send [proposals] to the client I know the math is right. I'm a lot more confident in turning it around quickly because there's less room for error.

Laura Tribbet, Principal Designer, Outline Interiors
icon city

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