Interior Design specifications software your team will love to use.

Source, track, and manage all those nitty-gritty materials & furniture details with ease using our detailed FF&E software.

Interior Design Specifications Everything your team needs to track and manage furniture and material specifications.

You shouldn’t have to choose between comprehensive and easy-to-use FF&E software

Interior Design Specifications tools don’t need to be difficult to use and hair-pullingly frustrating.

However, they DO need to be robust enough to take on large commercial and residential design projects.

Gather was built to be easy and intuitive to use. But it’s also powerful enough to handle your most complex ff&e projects.

Give Gather a try, for free. We’re confident you’ll never go back to the “old way”.

  • Specify once, and your whole team can reuse.
  • Source products from your favorite supplier websites in a fraction of the time it takes now.
  • Track, manage, and discuss with your team in real-time, so you don’t lose important communication details.
  • Cloud-based infrastructure means no downloads, or “upgrades”.
  • Stop pulling your hair out with your old system and it’s countless frustrations.
  • Get out of spreadsheets, and into professional-grade ff&e software, build for design teams like yours.

Watch how easy specification management is in Gather…

Furniture Selections

Specify furnishings and accessories with ease. Enter data once, and generate documents over and over again.

Material Selections

Source and specify materials, then track all the nitty-gritty details for your clients and stakeholders.

Interior Design Project Management Reports Icon

Equipment Schedules

Specify plumbing, electrical, and other equipment schedules with accuracy and speed..

Budgets made Easy

Gather’s calculation features are the best in the industry. Tinker with numbers until you get things exact.

PDF Export

Detailed PDF Exports

Export over 12 different flexible reports and share them with contractors, clients, and other stakeholders.

Search Icon

Powerful Search

Never misplace product specification details again. Find anything in Gather in seconds, from anywhere on Earth.

Large Interior Design projects are all about the details.

Pricing, Dimensions, Floor Tags, Lead Times, Suppliers…

Those are just a few of the dozens (if not hundreds) of details you need to track when it comes to furniture or material selections.

With Gather's interior design project management software, you can add, search, and filter your way to project nirvana. Gone are the days of wondering where you saved some information.

Plus, your whole team can share data easily and automatically.

Stop the spreadsheet madness. Take a tour of Gather.

  • It’s impossible to lose or misplace documents with Gather. They are always right where you expect them to be.
  • Share documents easily with team members and stakeholders.
  • Update document information in a fraction of the time.
  • Be confident that all of your data is accurate and consistent.
  • No more fumbling around, trying to locate some file you saved to your desktop ages ago.
  • No need for your team and clients to sign into another storage account just to find a document.

Gather’s Workflow is Easy as 1-2-3

Gather Workflow Easy as 1-2-3
Clipper Tool


Collect Product Info 400% faster

If you source products online, you probably do a lot of copy/paste. With Gather’s “Clipper Tool”, the whole process is streamlined.

Image of Interior Design Program Features


Organize Effectively

With Gather, it’s easy to organize your selections by room, area, type, supplier, manufacturer, and more. Common categories mean easier management.

spreadsheet view


Search, Filter & Find Materials Fast

Gather uses smart categorizations and a dynamic, custom ‘type’ tagging system, so you can find EXACTLY what you are looking for, in seconds.

Detailed Interior Design Specification Details


Enter Data Once & Reuse Again

Enter all the data you need to manage your furniture, fixtures, and equipment schedules and you'll never need to type it again.

FF&E Documents


Push-Button Document Exports

With over a dozen formats to choose from, Gather will save you countless hours creating and editing documents and reports.

Professional Interior Design Specifications. Every Time.