Want to SEE what Gather is all about?

Sometimes a video is better than a thousand words. These short tutorials illustrate the power and ease-of-use that makes Gather so special.

Working with Projects

Image of Interior Design Program Features

The Product Board (2 min)

Gather allows you to organize projects visually and drag-and-drop your way to neat and tidy projects.
Gather Interior Design Project Management Specifications

Item Specifications (5 min)

“Items” are the nucleus of Gather. Whether you are specifying furnishings, materials, or equipment, Gather has you covered.
Gather Interior Design Project Management Chat Feature

Team Chat (3 min)

Chat with your team and clients inside Gather and ensure conversations never get lost in email again.
Gather's Clipper Tool

Clip from Websites (2 min)

Easily collect product images and information from most websites using the Clipper Tool Chrome Extension.

Exporting Document & Reports

FF&E Documents

Export Types (4 min)

Gather offers over a dozen exports to choose from. Learn about the various export templates you can generate in just seconds.
Gather Interior Design Export Options

Export Options (3 min)

Learn about how to customize your exports to include only the information you want to be visible.
Chair being shared by a team of interior designers

Sharing Exports (1 min)

Exports are automatically saved to your Gather Files so they can be easily shared with your team and clients.

Give your Team Access to Critical Information from the Cloud

"Our whole team can just go in and know that it's going to have the most current information, and they can look at any project. So it's a lot easier to organize a bunch of stuff in there and for team members to find it."

Sarah Stanke, Senior Interior Designer, Kaas Wilson Architects

Professional Level Specifications. Every time.