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Gather streamlines the Design Development process for busy Interior Design & Architecture firms.


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No More Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are great, but they are generalized tools. Gather was crafted for the design industry and all of its unique complexities. It's streamlined, visual, and immensely powerful.

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Finally Get Organized

Tired of losing important selections? Where were they anyway? On the company server? Dropbox? Easily find ANYTHING fast with Gather’s best-in-class organization system.


Craft your Vision

Inspiration strikes randomly, and Gather helps you capture ideas as they come to you. Once you get some amazing boards put together, get your team (or client) chatting about them.

Clipper Tool


Source at the Speed of Thought

Save product data and images from any manufacturer or vendor website easily using our lightening-fast Chrome extension Clipper Tool.



Never Lose Details Again

Sick of losing track of details? What were the dimensions for that desk again? What website did I find it on? With Gather, you’ll keep up with the nitty-gritties without even thinking about it.


Numbers that Make Sense

Stay on top of budgets using Gather’s calculation features. Track discounts, mark-ups, taxes & shipping effortlessly.


Never Miss a Date

Don’t let project dates slip. Simply input those important dates, and Gather will alert you so you can follow up with vendors, or stakeholders.



Push-Button Spec Sheets

Publish detailed spec sheets, and print them for clients and contractors. Select only the information you want to be visible to others.


Multi-Purpose Lists & Schedules

Create customized lists and schedules in an instant. Gather’s Export Engine will save you hours per week generating and editing specification documents.


Comprehensive Spec Packages

Generate full, accurate spec packages that include cover sheets, table of contents, and product information in just seconds.



Re-Specify Again and Again

All of your firm’s product selections are stored securely in a digital-resource library for easy access later. Accessible by anyone on your team, from anywhere.


Any File. From Anywhere.

Make sure your team and stakeholders have access to important project files. Upload, download, sort, organize, and share any file with ease.


Your Vendors, Centralized

Build a rolodex of vendors, with all the information your team needs to make sure the right products are being specified, according to firm standards.



Chat in Real-Time

Discuss project status and details with your co-workers, stakeholders, and clients in real-time. Switch between channels for private chats.


Discuss Item Selections

Leave comments on specific item selections, or Vision Board images, so you can discuss the nitty-gritty details, without the email back-and-forth.


Always be In-the-Know

When someone leaves a message or sets a status date in Gather, you’ll receive notifications so nothing every goes unchecked or unnoticed.


Get Approval Fast

Clients are first-class citizens in Gather. Reveal only what you want them to see (or not see). Allow them to mark items as “liked”, “disliked”, or “approved”.

More Features Our Customers Love

Dropbox & Google Drive

Upload images directly from DropBox, GoogleDrive and more, directly into Gather.

Push to Quickbooks (US Only)

Push items from Gather to your US-based Quickbooks Online account in just a few clicks.

Powerful Search

Instantly search for anything by name, type, area, status, date and more.

Client Approval

If you choose to, you can allow your clients to select the items they like.

Support that Cares

Gather customers receive a personal Customer Success Manager to help however they can.

Save Hours Every Week

“Gather is helping me save about 7 hours per week, and when you factor in the time it saves my assistant we're saving 20 hours per week. This time savings means I can handle more clients.”

Sallie Kjos, Principal, GreyHunt Interiors

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