Customer Success Stories

Laura Tribbett streamlines her Process with Gather

"I could tell that Gather was really focused on helping designers with their process. It was obvious that they really thought it out and it was super user-friendly.”

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Gather is a Game Changer for Sarita Simpson

“It was so user-friendly, so easy to learn. Their customer service is extraordinary.”

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Gather Helps Sallie Kjos Bring In More Clients

“Gather is helping me save about 7 hours per week, and when you factor in the time it saves my assistant we're saving 20 hours per week. This time savings means I can handle more clients.”

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Gather is a delight for the busy clients of DesignFix

“Our clients are really delighted with it. I think not only does it put everything in one place, it gives them a lot of control and 24-hour ability to interact with us. "

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Customer Testimonials

“We SO love Gather and are using it in conjunction with Ivy--it's the new Pinterest!”

Tracy Schall, Office Manager @ Sarita Simpson Design

“I just joined gather 24 hours ago and it already changed my life. Thank you”

Isabelle Reeves, Isabelle Reeves, 180 Degrés

“Love your product. Love how responsive you all are to issues & ideas. Great people to work with.”

Amanda Giles, Co-Owner @ DesignFix

“Gather enables us to present designs and progress to our clients in both live, linked gallery and a pdf-format. Gather's simple interface keeps the focus on the design, sparing our clients the details while updating our budget, purchasing and tracking data automatically, so we don't have to!”

Susan Diana Harris, Principal @ Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

“Gather is a useful tool that allows us to be more productive, more efficient and communicate quickly with our clients.  We now have a functional, easy to use program that allows us to build a library, keep track of products and generate specifications quickly.”

Amy Trulson, Senior Project Manager @ Objekts LLC

"We have been able to eliminate using 3 systems to keep track of selections organize concepts and track orders. Having everything in one place at a glance is a lifesaver and time saver (time is money!)

Bungalow 56 HIGHLY recommends Gather to all design firms big or small. It is priceless!"

Jessica Nicolls, Interior Designer @ Bungalow 56

“My boutique interior design firm started using the Gather App about a year and a half ago and now I can’t imagine doing my job without it. It’s a simple, intuitive tool that helps us keep track of the concepts we’re developing for clients and the endless stream of details that come along the way. What makes the Gather App stand out? Everything is in one place. It’s easy to share pertinent details with our clients in a single step. It evolves with the project from concept to installation. But the best part is the design team. They’re readily available to help with questions and have actively solicited feedback to make each version better than the last.”

Camille Henderson, Principal @ The Niche Home

“We can collect all the information from the website with the clipper. It all goes to the project. It calculates the markup. It calculates the discount. It calculates the sales tax. I think that’s what excites us most.”

Laura Tribbett, Principal @ Outline Interiors

“Gather is a great solution for collecting, managing and tracking our product specifications. It keeps us organized and eliminates many of the hassles of our old server-based system.”

Doug McKenzie, Owner @ Objekts LLC

“Gather is a great solution for collecting, managing and tracking our product specifications. It keeps us organized and eliminates many of the hassles of our old system. Our clients appreciate the easy to read & understand proposal format, which adds to the overall professionalism of our team.  As a firm owner, I appreciate anything that streamlines our process, helps us be more efficient and effective and avoids costly mistakes. The Gather App checks all of those boxes.”

Tamara Romeo, Principal Designer @ SD Office Design

“Gather helps me save product images, information and ideas from other websites quickly and when the inspiration strikes. It's helping me build a more organized product library, which is really useful.”

Peggy Dupuis, Principal @ Dupuis-Design LLC

“Really enjoying the service! Works great for sending selections outside of a live meeting. Also, I love having a place to store ideas as I come across them. Thanks for everything!”

Heather Safferstone, Principal @ Safferstone Interiors & Design