The Digital Hub for Busy Design Teams Like Yours

Centralize team communication, specifications, and ff&e data, and increase your firm's capacity to take on bigger, better projects.

commercial interior design productivity Gather is tailor-made for mid-sized teams looking to get more organized.

Is your team spending too much time on menial tasks?

Design teams have to manage a lot of moving pieces. Gather helps designers, project managers, and stakeholders streamline the design development process so they can focus on crafting great design.

Save hours each week managing data, producing design specifications, and communicating.

As teams work together to tackle complex projects, discovering the right mix of digital tools and processes is crucial.

Ensuring that your team is on track and working together effectively is crucial.

Gather was built specifically for medium-sized design teams looking to streamline operations in order to build a more efficient, professional, and profitable firm.

  • Onboard new team members easily by giving them the tools they need to get more done in less time.
  • Create consistent ff&e specifications, and other design documents in seconds not hours.
  • Allow your team to create and share internal resources easily.
  • Stay on top of important dates and tasks so things don't slip through the cracks.
  • Minimize redundant, menial, work so your team stays focused on great design.
  • Avoid costly data entry errors that costs your team time and money.

Access Information Easily

“Instead of having to email or call or go to a project manager to find the information, I can access that information when I'm in our Gather account. I can see what furniture other people are pulling for different projects without having to bother them for that information. It’s extremely helpful."

Jacklyn Bacon, Interior Designer @ BVH Architecture

The Platform your Team will Actually Love to Use

Organize Interior Design Projects

Firm-Wide Materials Library

Create and curate an amazing digital materials library so your whole team has access to a custom database of furniture and material information for reuse in any project.

PDF Export

Detailed FF&E Exports

Export over 12 different flexible reports and share them with contractors, clients, and other stakeholders.

Budgeting in Gather's Interior Design Project Management Platform

Tinker with Budgets

Test out different product selection options and see how they affect your costs and allowances.

Track Purchasing Status with Gather's Interior Design Project Management System

Streamlined Communication

Discuss material selections, visual ideas, and project concepts with your team and escape the nightmare of messy, hard-to-find email threads.

Share files using Gather's Interior Design Project Management Platform

Share Design Files

View, Share and discuss CAD, Revit, PDF, Word Docs, or any other file type.

Access from Anywhere

Whether working from the office or at home, your whole team has access to important information they need to get their job done effectively.

FF&E Material Sheet


Specify Products & Materials

Add products and materials to your product board and you’ll never lose track of information again. Track selections through their approval and purchasing process.

Materials Library

Create & Curate a Digital Resource Library

Your whole team can add material images and information to your firm's cloud-library...accessible from any computer. That way, everyone can share resources without dangerous double-entry.

Idea Board with several material selections


Curate and Discuss Ideas

Collect images for discussion with your team or client. Create boards of visual ideas, upload floorplans, introduce members of the team and more. Idea Boards are flexible enough to allow for interesting design conversations to flow naturally.


One Central Place for your Whole Team to Communicate

Email is not an effective medium to discuss material selections, project details, or visual ideas. In Gather, you can discuss everything in the appropriate context and make sure the whole team is collaborating openly.


Share Files and Resources

Every project in Gather has its own special place to save and share design files. Upload any file that can then be shared with your team, stakeholders, or clients effortlessly.

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"I feel like Gather is a good balance of user-friendly, but also very functional. I think a lot of times you compromise on user-friendliness when you get more functionality. It feels like everything you want, but nothing that you don't."

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Outline Interiors Streamlines Their Team Processes with Gather

"I could tell that Gather was really focused on helping designers with their process. It was obvious that they really thought it out and it was super user-friendly.”

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