Let Gather’s Virtual Coordinator service take repetitive tasks off your plate.

Gather offers Interior Design Project Management Services for busy design teams. Focus on the design, and let us do the administrative work.

Busy team handling Interior Design Project Management

Keep up with project demands with your own personal VC.

As a team leader, you know that keeping up with project demands is a never-ending series of complexities. It requires improving inefficiencies and delegating tasks to your team clearly.

If your projects are not being managed efficiently, it becomes difficult to take on new work with confidence.

Asking your highly compensated design staff to handle basic coordination tasks is not an efficient use of resources.

That’s why Gather is proud to announce we will begin offering Interior Design Project Management services from qualified professionals that can take basic coordination tasks off your team’s plate.

Think of your VC as an extended member of your design team.

Why use a Gather Virtual Coordinator (VC)?

  • Dedicated assistant that can help you with a number of coordination tasks
  • Scale-up services as you take on more clients and projects
  • Avoid the hassles of hiring and training
  • Fast, professional, and timely communication
  • More cost-effective than a full-time hire
  • Use Gather’s easy software interface to communicate with your VC

What tasks can a Gather VC not handle?

  • Design-specific tasks (drawings, renderings, and other highly creative or technical work)
  • Core business-related tasks such as drafting client proposals or help with marketing efforts

Some of the repetitive tasks a Gather VC can help your business with:

Find Alternate Selections

Search for alternative selections for Furnishings, Fixtures, and Equipment.

Interior Design Project Management Chat Icon

Communicate with Partners

Handle back-and-forth email and phone communications with vendors, reps, contractors and more.

Budget Calculator

Request Price Quotes

Send and receive price quotes from vendors and workrooms.

Data Entry

Enter data in spreadsheets, update documents and other menial data-entry tasks.

Product & Vendor Research

Search for information about a manufacturer or workroom.

Library Curation & Updating

Keep your digital resource library up-to-date and make sure rep info is current.

More Tasks a Gather VC can help your team with:

  • Check stock, price, and lead-time
  • Confirm payment terms w/ vendors
  • Confirm discount w/ vendors
  • Place & track PO’s
  • Track shipments
  • Confirm receipt of the product at receiving warehouse
  • Submit and track damage claims
  • Follow up on punch list items
  • Request CFA’s, finish samples, and strike-offs for designer approval
  • Populate custom reports and presentation materials

Interested in additional services, such as custom reports, and presentation design?

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