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Manage complex projects with ease. Make less mistakes.

Gather is interior design project management software that helps busy teams source, communicate, organize, and track selections.

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Interior design project management software your team will actually love to use.

"It’s a huge benefit that Gather offers—being able to have people in multiple offices using the same program and being able to see their projects. So, instead of having to email or call or go to a project manager to find the information, I can access that information when I'm in our Gather account. I can see what furniture other people are pulling for different projects without having to bother them for that information. It’s extremely helpful."

Jacklyn Bacon, Interior Designer, BVH Architecture

How it Works...

1. Collect Materials

Clip directly from vendor websites to a secure, shared team library and speed up sourcing by 400%.

2. Find Them Again Easily

Powerful searching and filtering allows anyone on your team to find what they need instantly, from any location.

3. Produce Deliverables

Export beautiful Spec Sheets, Proposals, FF&E Packages, Schedules, Reports, and more in seconds.

Interior Design Resource Library


Access your Firm’s Resource Library, from Anywhere

Furnishings, Fixtures, Materials, and Equipment resources close at hand. Vendor contacts neatly organized. Distribute, share, and reuse with our one of a kind interior design project management software.

Interior Design Specifications


Interior Design Project Management Software made Easy

Categorize selections. Budget & calculate costs. Track important dates. Assign statuses, and more.


Generate Beautiful Specifications & Reports

Export comprehensive interior design spec sheets, schedules, and packages with the click of a button. Share them with clients, contractors, or other stakeholders effortlessly. Print them out and add them to binders.

Gather's Clipper Tool


Source Materials 4x as Fast

Saving images and information from your favorite websites to your secure Gather Library is fun, easy, and lighting-fast. Add once, reuse over and over.


Communicate with your Team Seamlessly

With Gather, all of your team can log in independently and work to build your library or tackle complex projects. Everyone can chat, and receive notification of important dates and goings-on.







Improve Office Efficiency

From a design standpoint, Gather makes it easier to collaborate and pull something together in a more efficient way than what we were doing before. By having one system that multiple people can use all at one time has been incredibly helpful.

Amy Chaloupka, Studio Coordinator, Richardson Design

Streamline Administrative Tasks

"Gather is a useful tool that allows us to be more productive, more efficient and communicate quickly with our clients. We now have a functional, easy to use program that allows us to build a library, keep track of products and generate specifications quickly."

Amy Trulson, Project Lead, Objekts

Frequently Asked Questions

Designers are visual people. Why shouldn’t the digital tools designers use also be beautiful? We passionately believe they should be.

Gather really shines when it comes to how easy and delightful it is to use. Truly.

In fact, one of Gather’s co-founders was a professional software designer who crafted beautiful and user-friendly software for the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, Panasonic, and many others that have been used by millions of people worldwide.


Absolutely. Gather was built for teams that need to collaborate closely while working together on projects.

Since the platform runs in the cloud from any browser, it’s a great experience for teams working in the office together or remotely while on the road or at home.

Honestly, probably not. Gather is not an accounting tool. It is also not intended to help your firm manage its financial records or be a “single source of truth” for your business’s core financials. 

However, there are some great budgeting features built into the platform that help your team quickly understand what the costs are for a given project. They are especially useful in the design development phase of a project.

Gather works exceptionally well for larger teams and was built to scale as your company grows.

In fact, many of our customers have quite large teams and find the communication and collaboration features invaluable to their team workflow.

There are over a dozen different document templates that you can create with Gather. Plus, there is a great amount of flexibility as to what information you can include in any given document.

Document templates include: Spec Sheets, Line-Item Specifications, Spec Books, Image Grids, Vision Boards, Purchase Orders, and detailed FF&E docs for counting and costing by area, type, or supplier.

Nope. You can add as much specification data, files, and contact records as you like in Gather. We only charge based on your team size, number of projects currently active, and the features you need.

Gather is a subscription service, and monthly plans start at $199 for teams of 5 or less. If your team is larger than 10 people, contact us and we can provide a custom quote for you based on your needs. Monthly plans can be cancelled at any time, with no obligations.


We also provide discounts if you prefer to pay annually rather than monthly.

We work very hard to make sure there is a human ready to answer your questions or help if you run into a snag during normal US business hours. There is also extensive help documentation to aid your team in quickly finding solutions to any workflow question you may have while learning the platform.

Included in your subscription is also at least one 1-hour training session to show you the ropes personally.

Is your team ready to get more done and make fewer mistakes?

See how Gather can help your design team spend less time on repetitive tasks, and more time designing and providing value to your clients.

    • Gather's Product Board is a great place to visualize and organize material, finishes and furniture selections.

    • Quickly search, filter, and export exactly the items and details you need.

    • Easily collect and reference all of the specification details you need.

    • Quickly calculate pricing information to help define budgets and costs.

    • Track and manage important dates and reference numbers, so you don't lose track of items during the purchasing process.

    • Gather automatically records a status record as you move through the process, so you can check back.

    • Easily upload attachments such as images, cut sheets, and other information related to an item.